My Philadelphia Checklist

"These are a few of my favorite (Philadelphia) things..." I grew up in suburban Philadelphia. Norristown, Royersford, King of Prussia - these are the places of my childhood (and adulthood as well). Now that I live in Texas, I find myself missing … [Read more]

The Science of Elevators

Elevators are Simple. If you're an adult living anywhere outside of the third world, you've probably ridden an elevator at least once in your life. Elevators are everywhere and since their invention, they have become an everyday object that we take … [Read more]

Table for One: Dining Alone

I'm Okay with Dining Alone, Why Aren't You? I'm single and I eat out occasionally. Well, I eat out more than I'd like to admit, because let's face it, cooking for one is a dull, lifeless event. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking and I'm actually a … [Read more]

20 Albums That Changed My Life

What Albums Changed Your Life? Music was my saving grace. It fed me, took me around the world, and saved me when I had nothing. It was my best friend, my addiction, and my savior. From the time my brother spent playing records and old 8-tracks to … [Read more]