Back to Nature – I Love Lake Tahoe

I Love Lake Tahoe

“That’s Where Sonny Bono Died”

I grew up far from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a little town called Parkesburg, in Pennsylvania. My neighbors grew vast fields of corn and a good day was playing in the woods from sun up to sun down. I’ve always loved nature and my mom instilled in me a healthy respect for animals and wide open spaces. Even though I spent my younger years in rural Pennsylvania, I eventually settled into various cityscapes and the vast sprawl of suburbia. You might expect me to talk about how evil and ugly all that is, but you’d be wrong. I see beauty in the harsh concrete and steel of your typical city and although I admit, the cookie cutter housing does bore me somewhat, I love the modern conveniences provided to me by America’s finest export: suburbia.

No, I’m not a hater of those things by any means and currently reside in the suburban glory of Stone Oak, a wealthy suburban enclave of San Antonio, Texas. Stone Oak gives me what I need; restaurants, work, bars, shops, and a never ending source of new people to meet and hang out with. Yes, I am a suburban apartment dweller to the core. I do give credit to San Antonio for being slightly more “wild” than other cities I’ve lived in like Philadelphia or Los Angeles, but with 2 million residents, it’s not going to keep its nature-vibe forever. Someday, we’ll have “built parking lots and discount stores” to the point of absurdity.

Every once in awhile, it’s nice to escape from the city and seek something greener, more natural, and just a tiny bit cleaner. This week, I’ve found that exact spot. South Lake Tahoe. I’m here for a week and have barely been here 24 hours and I can feel a difference. You can call it centering, grounding, or just a lack of pollution; but here, I am at peace. I don’t care about anything right now. I’m writing this blog because I want to and for no other reason, which is one of the purposes of this blog. Last night, I went to bed before 9PM, because I could. I woke up early and had coffee on the deck in the freezing cold. I could see my breath and I loved it. I can do whatever I want and not care. I’m relaxed – something I don’t feel often enough. Tonight, I will do whatever I please. Tomorrow, I’ll do whatever pleases me then. And the next and the next…you see the pattern by now. The essence of it all? I’m calm, relaxed, and not letting anything stand between me and free thought flowing through my brain. No worries, no agendas, no work, no nothing. Sometimes, there is a need to be an empty slate that has no desire to be filled. Sometimes the pure white or sheer black of emptiness is more full than anything else you can ever experience.

And that my friends is what nirvana is to me…clean and empty.

No mention of Tahoe would be complete without one of my favorite songs ever written…

In case anyone is wondering, this is the place I’m staying in Lake Tahoe. It’s freaking fantastic.

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