The Incredible Story of Macaroni Stigliano

Macaroni Stigliano

How Macaroni Stigliano Came to Be

Some of you already know this story, but I’m posting it here for two purposes; 1) if you’re not one of my Facebook friends, you may not know it and 2) it’s back story for something coming soon.

I found my dog, Macaroni “Douglas” Stigliano, quite by accident. I was reading through Facebook on August 26, 2013 and saw a post by a local rescue, Love for Paws Rescue, about a dog that had recently been returned to them from his adoptive family. Seems like their other dogs weren’t too fond of Macaroni and were beating him up during the day when all the dogs were left outside. Something about the post angered and frustrated me, so I posted on Facebook that if someone would give me the deposit for my apartment, I would adopt him.

At the time of my post, I made two mistakes. One, I thought my deposit was $300. Two, I was merely saying it out of frustration and truly didn’t expect anyone to take me seriously. Within minutes of the post, people began offering me $25 to help. At first I just sort of laughed it off, but then started to realize that these people weren’t joking. They really would give to help the cause.

Scratching my head, I said “what the heck” and started a GoFundMe page called “Macaroni’s Second Chance.” I figured a few people might throw in, but in the end, I was just going to wind up donating the money to the rescue, not expecting to raise enough to cover what I now found out was a total of $600 in deposits.

You can see what happened on the GoFundMe page, but in short, people started pitching in. Friends, family, and what shocked me the most…strangers. Some of the people I don’t know at all gave the most. In 24 hours, Macaroni’s page had raised $1,235 – a staggering amount of money that I never thought possible. With the extra, I was able to set up Macaroni pretty well, pay the deposits, and have a little left over for any pop-up expenses I hadn’t thought of. We’ve been best friends ever since.

The generosity of strangers is what really blew me away. Sure, in the end, it was for a good cause (no dog deserves to be chewed up like Macaroni had been), but I honestly didn’t expect the response it all received. He’s doing great now and the biggest wound he received (a puncture on his side) is finally fully healed and almost covered back up in fur (the vet had to shave him to clean it…it was really nasty). He’s a goofy dog. He makes me laugh and gives me lots and lots of love (too much sometimes!) and I couldn’t be happier about having finding him and seeing the amazing response that helped me get to the point where he could be sleeping on my feet as I type this.

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    • rerockstar says

      He’s a bit too comfortable somedays. 😉

      The “Douglas” came from my office manager, who promised my broker that I would adopt his name, Doug, as Macaroni’s middle name if he pledged $40…which he did.

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