Talavera Apartments Burglary Suspect Caught


Awesome Neighbor at Talavera Apartments Thwarts Burglary

I live over in Talavera Apartments and recently we got a note stuck in our door telling us that someone had broken into some apartments in Talavera, as well as our sister community, Legends on the Green. I’ve been living there for over four years now and I wasn’t surprised by the news, this kind of stuff (sadly) happens all the time. I was frustrated that I had to worry about my apartment for the next few weeks (usually when there’s one burglary, several more will follow as the jackasses figure out that they can get away with it). Despite cameras being placed at the gated entrances, no one really had any solid suspect in the burglary. Yuck.

Last night I came home to a new note…seems a neighbor at Legends on the Green heard someone knocking on doors throughout the building and immediately called the office. Police and office staff responded and the two guys took off, leaving their vehicle behind. The crowbar-wielding burglars were later caught over by HEB. Sweet.

Talavera Apartments Break In Letter Talavera Apartments Caught Them Letter

Whoever this unknown neighbor is, I’d like to say “thanks.” Sure, the neighbor did what anyone should/would do, but there’s something awesome about knowing that someone didn’t just shrug off the strange knocks and assume it was Jehovah’s Witnesses or some solicitation. Now Talavera Apartments and Legends on the Green can rest a little easier knowing that two scumbags are off the streets (for now) and until the next boneheaded genius decides we’re an easy target, we’re out of the woods for awhile.

If I ever meet the person who did this, I will buy them a beer (or other beverage of their choice).

image courtesy of http://www.homespothq.com

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